Our Guarantee

Guarantee/Warranty Policy for Tacwise Products

The following conditions, describe the requirements and the extent of our guarantee/warranty offer. They do not affect your statutory rights, especially the guarantee/warranty responsibility of the seller caused by the sales agreement with the end user.

Start/Term of the Guarantee/Warranty

The warranty starts from the date of your purchase and is only valid with proof of purchase (an original receipt).

Content and Extent of the Guarantee/Warranty

Should your Tacwise product become defective due to material or production faults within the warranty period; from the date of purchase, we will replace all defective parts free of charge or, at our discretion, replace the item free of charge. In case of a replacement delivery the ownership of the original product will be transferred to Tacwise Group Plc. The warranty does not allow for any compensations beyond this against Tacwise Group Plc.

Requirements and Usage of the Guarantee/Warranty

Product faults must be reported immediately after detection and within the guarantee/warranty period to the original place of purchase.

Limitation of the Guarantee/Warranty

The warranty is not valid in case of:

  1. Defects caused by improper use as well as inappropriate operating conditions or non-compliance of the product. For example:
    Not using genuine Tacwise staples or nails or the incorrect tool/fastening for the job.
    Not maintaining the product and/if required replacing accessories, components or spare parts.
    Using a capacity that is beyond the capability of the product specification.
    Use on an inappropriate surface for which the product is not designed (i.e. concrete)
  2. External influences e.g. transportation damages, which are not covered by us.
  3. Carrying out unauthorised changes, additions or repairs to a Tacwise product.
  4. Defects caused by using accessories, components or spare parts other than appropriate/genuine manufacturer’s accessories or parts.
  5. Lack of care and cleaning of the product or insufficient servicing or maintenance, to keep the product in good working order.
  6. Abnormal environmental conditions.
  7. Non-compliance with our operating instructions (where provided or published).

This Warranty Excludes:

  1. Accessories and consumable parts such as but not limited to: staples, nails, glue sticks, fasteners, fuses, gas cells, nose pieces, etc.
  2. Wear and tear damage that naturally and inevitably occurs because of normal use or aging.
  3. Component parts that are subject to natural wear and tear caused by use in accordance with our operating instructions.

Guarantee/Warranty Periods for Products of Tacwise Group Plc

3 Years
This warranty period is valid for all our hand tackers.

2 Years
This warranty period is valid for all our cordless tools. The batteries included with cordless tools have a 1-year warranty.

1 to 3 Years
This warranty period is valid for all our hand hammer tackers and electric tools (tool dependent).

6 Months to 1 Year
This warranty period is valid for all our air tools; however, consumable parts such as the drivers, O-rings, springs etc. have a warranty period of 6 months.