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Z3-140 Heavy Duty Metal Staple Nail Gun with 4,400 Staples and Staple Remover

The Tacwise Z3-140 3-in-1 Metal Staple Tacker is a compact and powerful staple gun, providing accurate results time and time again.

Weighing 0.9kg, this heavyweight model is ergonomically constructed with an impact resistant metal/polymer body which incorporates an all-steel, high-capacity, bottom-loading, magazine. A 3-in-1 professional tool capable of firing 83 x type 140/6-14mm staples, 90 x type 180(18G)/15mm nails or 90 x Type 180/15mm headless pins.

The Z3-140 features a convenient staple viewing window that allows you to maximise your stapling productivity by always knowing when you’re running low on staples. The lock down handle and handy belt hook make transportation and storage easy.

All the Tacwise Z1, Z2-M, Z3 & CT Tackers are built with a unique Linear Power Curve technology which reduces the extra force needed to fire the gun, avoiding the uncomfortable “”snap”” at the end of the firing cycle. This ultimately decreases hand strain and improves user comfort during prolonged periods of use.

A high quality hand tacker loaded with features, the Z3-140 is fitted with a recessed cutaway nose and impact power adjustor and comes supplied with a useful margin edge adjustor for a range of heavy duty professional and DIY applications, including carpeting, insulation, roofing, picture framing and a range of other upholstery and general purpose tasks.

The handy resealable staple selection pack offers a variety of high-quality, galvanised, type 140 staples from 6mm to 14mm providing you choice and flexibility for many different fastening jobs.

This model comes with: Margin edge adjustor, staple remover, 4,400 type 140 staple selection pack (700 x 6mm, 1,000 x 8mm, 1,000 x 10mm, 1,000 x 12mm & 700 x 14mm).

  • PROFESSIONAL 3-IN-1 STAPLE/NAIL GUN – Metal staple and nail tacker supplied with 4,400 x type 140 staples, staple remover and a margin edge adjustor , designed to bring comfort and consistency to high volume stapling and nailing jobs
  • COMPATIBILITY – Bottom loading magazine enables firing of 83 x type 140 / 6 – 14 mm staples, 90 x type 180 (18G) / 15 mm nails or 90 x 180/15mm pins; we recommend using Tacwise staples/nails for a smooth, uninterrupted performance
  • MAXIMISED PERFORMANCE – Built with the unique Tacwise Linear Power Curve technology which reduces the force needed to fire the staple gun, ultimately decreasing hand strain and improving user comfort during prolonged periods of use
  • 0.9KG ROBUST DESIGN – Utilising die cast extrusion technology, resulting in fewer parts for enhanced reliability and featuring a unique power adjustor, impact resistant body, lock-down handle, handy belt hook, staple/nail viewing window, recessed cutaway nose and margin edge adjustor for enhanced precision and convenience
  • VARIETY OF APPLICATIONS – Useful for a wide range of professional jobs including carpeting, underlay, display/shop fitting, insulation, netting, plastic sheeting, roofing, underfloor heating, and many more