Electric tackers from Tacwise: the very best in performance across a comprehensive range of fastening tools.


Our compact electric tackers make repetitive stapling tasks easy and comfortable. Perfect for upholstery, insulation, picture framing, wire fencing carpeting and more.

Medium Duty

Coupling performance with user comfort, our Medium Duty range offers great value for money. A must for every tool bag, these fast, versatile semi-pro tools can fire nails up to 35mm. Ideal for tasks including cabinet assembly, door frames, soft wood flooring and many more.

Heavy Duty

Essential for tradesmen, our Heavy Duty electric tackers - including the new Duo 50, 18G/50 Electric Nailer and 16G/45 Finish Nailer - boast a range of dynamic and innovative features. Unrivaled performance in their class. There’s no need for batteries, gas cells or compressors; simply load, switch on the power and you’re ready to go.


  • Hobby 53EL Electric Hand Tacker Kit

    Product No: 1038

    Stylish, compact and lightweight. Built for the professional and affordable by the hobby user too. Includes staple remover and 400 staples/nails.
    Where to Buy

    53/6-14mm staples, 180/15mm nails

  • 140EL Electric Hand Tacker

    Product No: 0274

    Suitable for professionals such as general builders and tradesmen. Taking the popular 140 flat wire staples and 180/15mm nails.
    Where to Buy

    140/6-14mm staples, 180/15mm nails

  • 71 ELS Pro
    Electric Tacker

    Product No: 1181

    This electric staple gun is the ideal tool for the semi-pro upholsterer. Built with lightweight components, this tool is perfect for use in situ
    Where to Buy

    71 / 6-16mm Staples

  • 80 ELS Pro
    Electric Tacker

    Product No: 1182

    This new electric staple gun from Tacwise is the ideal tool for the semi-pro upholsterer and uses Tacwise 80 staples in sizes 6mm - 16mm
    Where to Buy

    80/6-16mm Staples

  • 181ELS Pro
    Electric Nailer

    Product No: 1176

    Feature-rich and lightweight, the 181ELS is a highly practical and lightweight nailer that’s perfect for repetitive nailing tasks.
    Where to Buy

    180/15-35mm nails

  • 191EL Electric Nailer/Stapler

    Product No: 0326

    Firing six different lengths of nails and four different lengths of staple. 191EL Pro is a nailer & stapler that’s perfect for a wide range of fixing applications.
    Where to Buy

    91/15-30mm staples, 180/15-35mm nails

  • 191 ELS Electric

    Product No: 1180

    Perfect for a range of fixing tasks the 191 ELS features a new, quick-release nose plate for easy removal in the unlikely event of a jam.
    Where to Buy

    91/15-30mm staples, 180/15-35mm nails

  • 400ELS Electric Angled Nailer

    Product No: 0733

    Delivering the closest to air tool performance in an electric nailer. 400ELS. Six lengths of nail up to 40mm. New quick release nail gate
    Where to Buy

    500/15-40mm Angled Nails

  • Duo 35 Electric Nailer/Stapler

    Product No: 1165

    Fires nails up to 35mm and staples up to 30mm. Perfect for second fix jobs such as flooring, panelling or skirting, architrave and more.
    Where to Buy

    91/15-30mm staples, 180/15-35mm nails

  • Duo 50 Electric Nailer/Stapler

    Product No: 1166

    The world’s first corded 50mm nailer and 45mm stapler, the Duo 50 is a high spec tool that's loaded with extra features.
    Where to Buy

    91/20-45mm staples, 180/20-50mm nails

  • 16G/45 Electric Finish Nailer

    Product No: 1187

    Firing the popular 16 gauge finish nail. Perfect for a wide selection of applications. Ideal for heavier more secure second fix jobs.
    Where to Buy

    16G/20-45mm nails

  • 18G/50 Electric Brad Nailer

    Product No: 1183

    Dedicated nailing tool with precision air tool construction. Will accurately drive 18 gauge brads with little marking to the surface of the timber.
    Where to Buy

    180/20-50mm nails

  • Ranger 2 – 18v 16G Inclined Nailer

    Product No: 1243

    Inclined battery nailer using the latest Li-ion technology for lasting power. Features an inclined magazine for hard-to-reach nailing jobs.
    Where to Buy

    16G 20 Degree Angled Finish Nails 32mm - 64mm

  • Ranger 2 – 18 v 18G Brad Nailer

    Product No: 1244

    Li-ion Battery Powered 18G Brad nailer with integrated depth control adjustment, professional re-loading system and many other features.
    Where to Buy

    18G Brad Nails 25mm-50mm

  • Ranger 2 – 18 v 16G Finish Nailer

    Product No: 1245

    Dedicated battery-powered Finish Nailer with a host of user-friendly features including a rubber nose piece to protect work surfaces.
    Where To Buy

    16G Finish Nails 32mm-64mm