A54 Roofing Hammer With Free Box of Stainless Staples

A54 Hammer Tacker is the latest hammer from Tacwise which takes 140 staples up to 12mm. Now available in a package which includes a box of stainless steel staples which are perfect for quality external install jobs

Posted on 09.07.14

Lightweight Cable Tackers

Tacwise CT45 is very light to handle which is particularly useful when you’re working up a ladder or doing a substantial cabling installation.

Posted on 02.07.14

The Duo 35 – Saving Time and Money

The Duo 35 – popular for a huge range of tasks including feather edge boarding with 91 Series narrow crown staples which are also available in Stainless Steel for long term anti-corrosion best results.

Posted on 25.06.14

New Electric Nailers

Tacwise are pleased to announce the launch of two new electric nailing tools to our ever-growing range of Electric Tackers: the 18G/50 Electric Brad Nailer and the 16G/45 Electric Finish Nailer.

Posted on 17.06.14

New A54 Hammer Tacker

As part of our continued commitment to meeting the needs of the trade, we’ve developed a new, 12mm Hammer Tacker, tacking staples up to 12mm – making it ideal for roofing and many other applications.

Posted on 17.06.14

Tacwise Best-Selling, Great-Value Bundles

Tacwise have put together some of their most popular consumables together with tools at a really special price. When calculated the consumables are more or less free-of-charge.

Posted on 16.06.14

New Tacwise 191ELS

Now available is the 191ELS which is an upgraded version of the EL with a flip-open nail gate and the price of this tool sits around half way between the 191EL and the Duo35.

Posted on 16.06.14

New A14014V Staple Tacker

This professional air tacker fires the popular heavy gauge 140 staple (from 4-14mm) that’s also used in many hand and hammer tackers, making it ideal for users tackling volume stapling tasks and want to use their existing staples in a variety of tools.

Posted on 15.06.14

Tacwise Gas & Nail Packs

These high quality nails with 12 micron coating / CE Specification, and premium quality gas cells, are supplied in a convienient, laminated rain-resistant carry carton.

Posted on 14.06.14