Duo 50 Bundle Deal
Ultimate in Value

The Duo 50 – the world’s first corded 50mm nailer and 45mm stapler – is now available as a bundle that represents the ultimate in value

Posted on 12.11.14

New 16G Stainless Steel
Angled Finish Nails

16G Angled Finish Nails in Stainless Steel – making them ideal for a wide range of exterior tasks where rust resistance and protection from the elements is vital.

Posted on 05.11.14

Inclined Nail Gun

The 400ELS, the new inclined nailer from Tacwise, with angled magazine which enables it to squeeze into tight spaces.

Posted on 20.08.14

L’agrafeuse cloueuse pour câbles TACWISE

L’agrafeuse cloueuse pour câbles TACWISE est l’outil indispensable pour tout installateur professionnel. C’est un appareil deux-en-un très fin et très efficace.

Posted on 13.08.14

Easy Colour Coding System

Most Tacwise staple and nail packs include a neat colour-coded lozenge which can be easily linked to same lozenge on staple and nail guns making it easy to quickly identify the appropriate staples and nails which you need. Tacwise carries the widest range of quality staples and nails in Europe with fastenings to fit more […]

Posted on 06.08.14

Roofing Hammer with Ergonomic Grip

The new A54 Hammer Tacker from Tacwise has predominantly been introduced for securing roofing felt and is now widely available with the distribution.

Posted on 30.07.14

La Grapadora de Cableado Combi de Tacwise

La Grapadora de Cableado Combi de Tacwise: un producto esencial para instaladores profesionales de satélites, alarmas y de cables de seguridad.

Posted on 23.07.14