NEW 90mm Air Strip Nailer (KSN90V)

The new KSN90V is an extremely powerful Air Strip Nailer that fires plastic collated strip nails with a 2.87-3.33mm diameter, 50-90mm length and 22° incline.

Posted on 08.06.22

NEW 90mm Air Coil Nailer (JCN90V)

The NEW JCN90V is a specialist Air Coil Nailer that fires flat top coil nails with a diameter of 2.5-3.3mm and a length of 50-90mm.

Posted on 26.05.22

Cordless 12V Staple/Nail Guns Range

Powered by an interchangeable 12V lithium-ion battery for optimum weight, maximised power, and super-fast charging, our durable cordless range is ideal for the busy tradesman and enthusiastic DIYer.

Posted on 23.03.22

55mm Mini Coil Nailer (FCN55V)

The unique 2-in-1 coil nailer fires both conical and flat top coil nails, and for added safety both sequential and contact trip (bump firing) modes are available via a trigger switch.

Posted on 15.02.22

New 53 Staple Tacker Joins Air Tool Range

The new 53 Staple Tacker is the latest addition to our range of air tools and specialist upholstery tackers. Loaded with features and happily running off a small compressor, the 53 Staple tacker is the go-to tool for a range of upholstery and general stapling tasks.

Posted on 19.07.17

Z2-M – Latest Addition to Hand Tacker Range

The new Z2-M is a lightweight yet durable staple tacker that’s loaded with features and fires both the 13 and 53 type staple making it the ideal go-to tool for a huge range of stapling tasks. For increased convenience and value it’s also available as a kit.

Posted on 24.05.16

71 ELS Electric Staple Gun – Perfect for Upholstery

The new 71ELS Electric staple gun is the perfect tool for a range of upholstery applications both professional and DIY – firing the 71 Type staple as commonly used within the trade. Features three tiers of safety, a professional magazine and supplied in a strong carry case.

Posted on 13.04.16

Tacwise At Eisenwarenmesse – International Hardware Fair in Cologne

Tacwise are pleased to be exhibiting at the 2016 Eisenwarenmesse International Hardware Fair in Cologne. Held on March 6th to the 8th and with 2,665 exhibitors from 50 countries, 53,500 visitors from 132 countries, it’s the World’s largest exhibition in the hardware sector.

Posted on 24.02.16

Changing Your
Ranger 2 Bungee Cords

Tacwise recently unveiled the latest additions to our range of heavy-duty battery powered nailing tools – the new Ranger 2 battery nailers; delivering outstanding results using the latest Li-ion technology. Check out this video for a how-to guide on changing the tool’s bungee cords.

Posted on 17.11.15

Combi Cable Tacker Available in Great Value Bundle Set

Offering either greater versatility and practicality than other cable tackers, the Combi is now available as part of a great-value bundle deal that includes a box of CT-60 14mm cable staples – everything you need to achieve outstanding results on a range of cabling tasks.

Posted on 08.09.15