The Tacwise Combi Cable Tacker represents the ultimate in cabling dexterity – doing the job of two cable tackers in one.

Firing both the CT-45 and CT-60 cable staple without the need for adjustment, the Combi-Cable Tacker is both used by and demanded by leading satellite and telecoms installers.

Equipped with a range of features including a cutaway nose, lock-down handle, pressure adjuster and a full-length cable guide.

This tool is ideal for a range of low-voltage cabling applications including telecoms, alarm, satellite, Cat 5 and Cat 6.

Offering either greater versatility and practicality than other cable tackers, the Combi is now available as part of a great-value bundle deal that includes a box of CT-60 14mm cable staples – everything you need to achieve outstanding results on a range of cabling tasks.

Check out the Combi Tacker video below for more information and find your Tacwise dealer today.

Posted on September 8, 2015