The A14014V – an air-powered staple tacker that’s proving hugely popular is now available as part of a Bundle Deal, representing great value for money and versatility.

Highly practical, the A14014V tacker will happily run off a small compressor (needing just 60-100psi) – hugely convenient for use in a small workshop without the need for large compressors. Adding to the convenience is the fact that it takes the same 140-type staple (T50) as many hand and hammer tackers – no need to carry around multiple staple packs for different tasks and reducing down time.

Now, this highly capable and practical staple tacker is available as part of a Bundle Deal which includes the A14014V, a 140 Staple Selection pack and our Pro Staple Remover – everything needed for a range of tasks including upholstery, plastic sheeting, flooring underlay and many more.

Check out the video below and find your Tacwise Dealer today to get yours!

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Posted on June 4, 2015