The Tacwise A14014V; an air-powered staple tacker that’s proving hugely popular within the upholstery industry.

Weighing in at just 0.9kg and happily running from a small compressor – needing just 60PSi – this air staple tacker is hugely convenient for use in a small workshop without the need for large compressors. Making it all the more convenient is the fact that this air tacker uses the same Tacwise 140 (T-50 type) staple as many hand and hammer tackers – meaning you need only buy one type of staple for a range of tools and tasks.

Easy to load and with a slender length nose, the A14014V is perfect for a range of applications including upholstery, plastic sheeting, flooring underlay and many more.

Check out our A14014V video below for more details and find your Tacwise dealer today.

Posted on November 25, 2014