The Duo 50, the world’s first 50mm electric nailer and 45mm stapler gives unrivalled performance in its class.

Eating up second fix and making good tasks, this tool is ideal for a huge range of jobs and has proven immensely popular since it joined the New Generation of Tacwise Electric tools.

As part of our commitment to providing the ultimate value to our users, the Duo 50 is now available as part of Bundle Deal which includes a 180 Selection Pack (15mm, 25mm, 30mm nails), a pack of 180/40mm nails and 2 packs of 1,000 of the popular 91/35mm narrow crown staples – providing everything needed for a range of tasks at fantastic value.

With features which include an all metal professional magazine, quick release nose plate and professional reload system, it fires Tacwise 180 nails (20-50mm) & 91 series staples (20-45mm) in galvanized or stainless steel  finish with a load capacity of 100 nails or staples.  Check out the Duo 50 video below and take advantage of this bundle deal today.

Posted on November 12, 2014