Extremely popular and ideal for many second-fix and DIY tasks, the 191 ELS is now available as part of a Bundle Deal for added value.

The tool is available as a bundle with a 180 Nail Selection Pack (15-30mm nails) and a 91 Staple Selection Pack (15-30mm staples), everything the semi-pro or DIY user needs to get started on a range of tasks at a great price.

This nailer/stapler handles a huge variety of 2nd fix tasks, including refurb and construction jobs around the home, garden projects, through to precision work applications in the workshop from fixing furniture backs to assembling jigs and rigs. The Tacwise 191ELS  is an upgraded version of the EL with a flip-open nail gate.

The big advantage of the nail gate is that the entire front of the tool can be opened up to expose the driver blade and remove any blockage in the unlikely event of a jam. 

Check out the bundle deal or find your nearest Tacwise dealer today and view the 191 ELS video below for more information.


Posted on October 16, 2014