Tacwise are pleased to announce the addition of two new nailing tools to our ever-growing range of Electric Tackers: the 18G/50 Brad Nailer and the 16G/45 Finish Nailer.

The 18G/50 Nailer and 16G/45 Finish Nailer both embrace an all new magazine with a high level of precision and the 18G tool has two viewing windows. As with all new generation Tacwise electrics there is a quick release nail gate and easy close side load system.

18G/50 Brad Nailer

The 18G/50 is a dedicated nailing tool has a precision air tool construction and will accurately drive 18 gauge brads with little marking to the surface of the timber. Ideal to speed through a wide variety of tasks this will save the busy tradesman a lot of time and free one hand to guide and position the work piece. Also ideal for a temporary fix during glue drying.

16G/45 Finish Nailer

Firing the popular 16 gauge finish nail (a heavier nail than the 18 gauge version) the 16G/45 Finish Nailer is perfect for a wide selection of applications and in particular those requiring a heavier more secure second fix nail.

Fast and convenient these second fix, dedicated nailers, are quick to load and do not require gas packs or compressors… simply load, plug in / turn on and fire. Perfect in the work shop or for the busy tradesman on the move.

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Posted on June 17, 2014