Tacwise are the dominant market leader in hand stapling and fastening tools.  Probably supplying more staples and fixings into the upholstery and roofing trade than any other manufacturer, we pride ourselves on creating tools that meet the needs of the professional. 

As part of our continued commitment to meeting the needs of the trade, we’ve developed a new, 12mm Hammer Tacker. With as few working parts as possible to deliver years of trouble-free operation, this all-steel ‘slap’ hammer is perfect for the professional roofer.

The new A54 Hammer Tacker takes staples up to 12mm  – making it ideal for roofing and many other applications.

Unlike other hammer tackers which load from the rear with a feeder which can get lost, this hammer has a unique bottom loading system also making it simple and easy to clear staples in the unlikely event of a jam or to change staple length.

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Posted on June 17, 2014