The new Tacwise Combi Cable Tacker is an absolute must have for the professional installer.

Whether you’re securing a lot of low voltage cable or carrying out the occasional task, this tool handles both the 4.5mm and the 6mm low voltage cables: perfect for a huge range of installations including telecoms, alarm, satellite, CAT5 and 6.Until now tradesman have had to carry one tool to fix thinner cable and a second tool for the thicker cable. The Tacwise Combi Cable Tacker does it all!

Approved and demanded by leading telecoms and satellite installers the Combi Tacker will give you a first class result every time. Loaded with features including the handle which folds away by pulling it out and locking it without having to activate the tool and a pressure adjuster to adjust the power with which the staple is driven in according to timber hardness.

As with all Tacwise products, best results are to be had by using Tacwise consumables – the Combi Cable Tacker takes Tacwise CT45 for cables up to 4.5mm (3/16″) and CT60 staples for cables up to 6mm (1/4″) diameter.

This simple concept is a perfect solution for a wide range of cabling tasks.

Find your Tacwise Dealer or view the Combi Cable Tacker video today.


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Posted on January 10, 2014