Committed to Excellence

We are committed to excellence in health and safety management and are continually seeking ways to conserve natural resources, to reduce the amount of energy we use, to eliminate pollutants and hazardous substances from our products, processes and to maximise the use of recycling.

Time and focus has been directed towards the coatings on our metal products to ensure traditional methods are changed in favour of modern eco-friendly ones without ever compromising quality. Galvanising in place of copper and nickel in place of chrome. Parts are easily disassembled in order to allow for specific recycling, such as our tackers, when compared with others, which are welded or pressed together making them impossible to repair and difficult to recycle.

Putting the Environment First

We are putting the environment in front of our marketing desires so that packaging is not oversized, nor overly complicated and considerable thought into making its eventual recycling as easy as possible. Products are designed and created to achieve strength and longevity with strong materials formed into shapes able to out-perform larger heavier non eco-friendly items supplied by others.

Our worldwide customers expect us to make our designs, developments, manufacturing processes and products as energy efficient and environmentally responsible as possible. It is a continuing mission.

Like quality, environmental management is a journey without a destination. We have to think globally and act locally. After all, we are all in this together.


Posted on January 10, 2014