Air & Gas

The Tacwise range of air and gas nailing and stapling guns is one of the widest, quality ranges in Europe with some of the fastest, lightest and most durable air tools in their class.

Built for the Professional

Tacwise is committed to creating the ultimate fastening range from hand, corded, cordless, air and gas powered equipment combined together to provide the widest quality tools and consumables range in Europe.

Loaded With Features

Each with their own powerful features, Tacwise air tools are carefully designed for user safety, convenience and durability. With many of our tools including a flip-open nail gate, soft noses to avoid damaging timbers, reload indicators and easy-to-use depth adjusters for precision tasks, the Tacwise Air Nailing & Stapling range is feature rich and built for the professional.

With a rich history of industrial experience and tools that are refined and improved upon year on year, innovative features and robustness are unsurpassed. Our air tools have superb build quality, are perfectly balanced and highly reliable.


  • 53 Staple

    Product No:A5314V


    This air powered staple gun fires the popular 53-Type staple and will happily run off a small compressor. Fires Tacwise 53 Type staples.
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    53/6-14mm Staples

  • 71 Automatic Staple Tacker

    Product No: A7116AUTO

    A7116AUTO_a (1)

    The 71 Automatic Staple Tacker is easy to switch between single and continuous fire with a variable speed control. Powerful yet lightweight.
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    71/5-16mm Staples

  • Heavy Duty Wide Crown Stapler

    Product No: G1738V


    Hhigh-quality production line tool is perfect for attaching packaging materials to wooden pallets. A work horse that's loaded with features.
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    17/16-28mm Staples

  • 71 Upholstery Staple Tacker

    Product No: A7116V


    Fast, reliable, ideal for professional upholsterers with every essential feature insisted upon by the most demanding users. Quick to load.
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    71/4-16mm staples

  • Extra Long Nose 71 Staple Tacker

    Product No: A7116LN


    Extended 50mm nose for stapling into awkward areas. Lightweight, compact with rear exhaust, a firm favourite in the re-upholstery trade.
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    71/4-16mm staples

  • Premium 71 Staple

    Product No: A7116P


    Designed for the production line with essential features insisted upon by the most demanding of users. Quiet, reliable and fast to reload.
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    71/4-16mm staples

  • 80 Upholstery Staple Tacker

    Product No: A8016V


    The ultimate tool for professional upholsterers. Wide 80 series staple provides additional fastening strength for materials such as plastic sheeting.
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    80/4-16mm staples

  • Extra Long Nose 80 Staple Tacker

    Product No: A8016LN


    Quality tool with an extended 50mm nose to allow for stapling into awkward areas. Lightweight, compact and with rear exhaust.
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    80/4-16mm staples

  • 140 Staple

    Product No: A14014V


    Handling the 140 (T-50 Type) staple, commonly used in hand and hammer tackers, ideal for hand tool users tackling volume stapling tasks.
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    140/4-14mm staples

  • 25mm Narrow Crown Stapler

    Product No: C9725V


    Built to last, this stapler copes easily with high volume stapling. Narrow nose/quick release staple gate and safety.
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    97/10-25mm staples

  • 32mm Narrow Crown Stapler

    Product No: C9032V


    Versatile, magnesium bodied tool with tremendous speed of use. Narrow nose with protector/quick release staple gate. Multi-directional exhaust.
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    90/12-32mm staples

  • 40mm Narrow Crown Stapler

    Product No: D9040V


    With contact trip & sequential firing adjustment this fast, versatile tool has a soft nose protector/quick release staple gate and safety.
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    90/15-40mm staples

  • 50mm Heavy Duty

    Product No: G1450V


    Preferred throughout the bedding and furniture industry, this framing tool is a first choice. Includes depth control and a quick release nose plate.
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    14/19-50mm staples

  • 50mm Heavy Duty

    Product No: F1450M


    Lightweight, compact and powerful this 50mm tool delivers an impressive performance. Beautifully balanced and highly reliable.
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    14/19-50mm staples

  • Heavy Duty Wide Crown Stapler

    Product No: G1738XHH


    Wide crown tool ideal for attaching packaging materials to wooden pallets. Tough, reliable with features such as a magazine stabilising bar.
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    17/16-38mm staples

  • Premium 15mm Corrugated Fastener

    Product No: FCF15XCB


    Easy bottom loading of any size with minor adjustment. Ideal for cabinet and furniture frames and for door and window sash manufacturers.
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    9-15mm corrugated fasteners

  • 35mm Headless

    Product No: A6435


    Perfect for fixing fine beading. Ultra slim nose for accurate pin placement. Rear exhaust, double trigger safety system and high durability driver.
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    23G ‘A64’ 12-35mm

  • 32mm Brad

    Product No: C1832V


    Hugely popular lightweight tool. Accurate, reliable and tremendous value. Compact and versatile, can be bump fired with its contact trip valve.
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    180 (18G) 10-32mm nails

  • 35mm Mini
    Brad Nailer

    Product No: CMB35PHH


    Fires up to 35mm mini brad nails with virtually no vibration/recoil. High durability nail driver. Reload indicator. Small nose for accurate fixing.
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    21G ‘Mini Tip’ 15-35mm mini brads

  • 50mm Brad

    Product No: DGN50V


    Professional fully featured tool including a depth adjuster. Specified by professionals across Europe this tool is already a Tacwise best seller.
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    180 (18G) 20-50mm nails

  • 50mm Finish

    Product No: DFN50V


    Fast and accurate, this finish nailer is widely used in the furniture manufacturing industry. Includes quick release nose gate.
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    160 (16G) 20-50mm nails

  • 64mm Angled
    Finish Nailer

    Product No: GDA64V


    Popular on-site as well as for workshop/joinery applications. Light and compact, non marking nose safety and fast reload system.
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    15G ‘D’ head/ 38-64mm inclined finish nails

  • 64mm Finish

    Product No: GFN64V


    Versatility at its best. Uses 20-64mm nails without requiring adjustment. With nailing depth control and front opening jam clearance.
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    160(16G) 20-64mm nails

  • 50mm Mini
    Coil Nailer

    Product No: DCN50LHH


    For 2.1 diameter round head nails. Weighs just 1.5kgs, will countersink a 45mm ring shank nail. Ideal for the fencing and shed industry.
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    2.1/22-50mm conical coil nails

  • 50mm Coil

    Product No: FCN50LHH


    Weighing only 2kg, this super-fast tool fires 27-50mm flat and conical head nails making it ideal for fencing and shed manufacture.
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    2.1/27-50mm flat & conical coil nails

  • 57mm Mini
    Coil Nailer

    Product No: FCN57V


    Extremely versatile, heavy duty nailer taking 25-57mm round head, wire collated coil nails. Perfect for packaging applications.
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    2.1-2.5 flat coil nails 25-57mm

  • 57mm
    Coil Nailer

    Product No: GCN57P


    A heavy duty workhorse, this tool fires up to 400 nails without reloading. Suitable for exhibition, pallet, crate and packaging industries.
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    2.1-2.3/25-57mm flat coil nails

  • 65mm Coil

    Product No: HCN65P


    Sinking a 65mm ring nail, this tough tool takes both reduced and standard head nails. Fires up to 350 nails without reloading.
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    2.3-2.9/32-65mm flat coil nails

  • 65mm Coil

    Product No: FCN65V


    Professional production line firing up to 350 nails without reloading. Extremely versatile as it accepts a wide range of nail diameters.
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    2.1-2.9/32-65mm flat & conical coil nails

  • 70mm Coil

    Product No: GCN70V


    Tough production line tool firing up to 300 nails without reloading. Contact trip trigger. Ideal for the pallet and packaging industries.
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    2.3-2.9/40-70mm flat coil nails

  • 83mm Coil

    Product No: HCN83P


    Robust tool for reliable continuous nailing. Hardened working parts for a long, productive life. Developed for the rugged pallet and case industries.
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    2.5-3.3/38-83mm flat coil nails

  • 90mm Coil

    Product No: JCN90XHH


    Lightweight magnesium alloy body for ultimate power to weight ratio. Tough construction to withstand the rigours of continuous on-site use.
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    2.5-3.1/45-90mm flat coil nails

  • 130mm Coil

    Product No: LCN130V


    Designed for large packing case, crate & cable drum manufacture. Also used for heavy duty pallets, framing and steel skids.
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    3.1-3.8/75-130mm flat coil nails

  • 90mm 34° Angled Strip Nailer

    Product No: KDH90V


    This 34° ‘D’ head strip nailer is very popular with timber frame house builders and is perfect for a wide variety of first fix roofing applications.
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    2.8-3.7mm diameter 34° paper collated ‘D’ head strip nail/50-90mm

  • 90mm Angled
    Strip Nailer

    Product No: JSN90MHH


    Hugely powerful strip nailer that won't let you down. Lightweight angled magazine provides easy access in all frame construction applications.
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    2.9-3.3mm diameter 22º plastic collated strip nails/50-90mm

  • Metal Connector

    Product No: FRH38THH


    Designed for quickly locating the nail point into the holes of joist hangers and other metal braces and timber construction metal links.
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    3.75mm diameter 34º paper collated nails/25-38mm